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Fly all over the world

Degi Hari

Degi Hari


Everyone always asks me how I am constantly flying around the world to the next adventure. My secret? Credit Cards!

You can only do this one if you are responsible enough to manage and pay about 3-5 credit cards a month.

A good credit score always helps this trick.

So when your on the plane, and the airline attendant comes on the loud speaker and asks if you would like to apply for a credit card…. the answer is YES!!!

Apply, get approved, and use your credit card to get your bonus miles

The best airline credit cards:

It all depends on what they are offering, every airline credit card is offering different bonus miles. (usually after the first 2 months you get your miles awards to use)

I like the Southwest credit card right now and the United one is pretty sweet, especially because you get 2 free checked bags with both.

US Airways is offering a lot of bonus miles, 50,000 and 1 free checked bag, but you have to pay an expansive annual fee ($89)

Spirit credit card is awesome for two reasons: you can open as  many credit cards as you want (I have 3 spirit credit cards) and you get a lot of bonus miles EACH time! To put it in perspective, I have like 62,000 spirit award miles and the tickets I always aim to purchase are 2,500 miles.

The downfall to spirit: spirit charges a lot of $ for bags.

$40 checked bag $45 large carry on bag (online, in advanced) so much more at the gate!

They don’t give you any drinks or complimentary water on board.


Heavy Pirating in St. Barths!


PirateLifeAirplaneShoeWhat a week of pirating!!! It all started on Beef Island, where I jumped on a plane to St. Marten! Jenna picked me up on her scooter when I reached the island. We cruised around, drinking rum and laughing the night away. In the morning, I flew over to St. Barths… one of the coolest landings in the world. The plane soars between 2 mountains, and lands on the tiniest strip.

I had the most lavish lunch at La Plage with the Spooky Crew! After lunch, we danced down to Nikki Beach for PARTY! We swam out to the Gem for cocktail hour.

The way back to Tortola was so amazing. Arrive by plane, leave by boat!! Ripped from St. Barths to Tortola on the power boat…. Crossing from the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, one snack pack, a cooler of cold beer, fishing poles, and a surfboard…. doesn’t get much better!




Spring Powder before the Pirate ship !


LetsgetBaggedWhat a day!! I met up with my favorite Tahoe Crew for some Miracle March Spring Powder!

After riding all day, I cruised down to San Francisco for an amazing dinner.

Than i jumped on a night flight to the CARIBBEAN!




BathsVGThe Baths on Virgin Gorda (Fat Virgin in Spanish) was our next destination.

The Caribbean clouds were puffy and the Seas were calm as we sailed over to the magical little corner of the British Virgin Islands.

Volcanic eruptions deposited granite that eroded into piles of huge boulders on the beach. The 40 foot boulders form natural tunnels, arches, and tidal pools.

Katelyn and I swam under the magnificent formations, enjoying every moment! Baths!

Poppin Bubbles at the Bubbles on my Birthday!


BubblesMy BIG Birthday week celebration was amazing! The festivities continued to numerous islands, including Jost Van Dyke, Normand Island, Ginger Island, and Virgin Gorda.

Katelyn and I sailed over to Jost Van Dyke and dropped anchor at the east end. We walked the tropical path, into the Bubbles, only to discover our personal pool awaiting.

Waves from the North side of the Caribbean Sea splash over the rocks into a natural little pool.

Katelyn popped the bottle and we soaked in the aqua blue bubbles.Bubbles2ChampagneBubblesPath




Degi Hari

Tonight it’s all happening at the Bomba Shack, under the full moon.

Bomba Shack

There is something magical about being on a tropical island, in another country, dancing the night away!

Lots of Large Panties decorate the Shack.... all offerings to Bomba!

Lots of Large Pantys decorate the Shack…. all offerings to Bomba!


And Remember, The Tea is Free!


Olja and I at Bomba’s Full Moon Party a few years ago!






I landed on the island of St. Thomas in the heaviest rain I  had ever seen in my life!
I couldn’t wait for the adventures ahead of me. I took a ferry from the US Virgin Islands over to the British Virgin Islands. A taxi was waiting for me to drive me to the West End of Tortola. There was one part of my trip I hadn’t figured out yet; how I was going to get on board yacht Xanadu, which was patiently waiting in the Sea, tied up to the mooring.
There were 3 options;
1. Swim to the sailboat, put the dinghy in the water, and come back to land for my luggage.
2. Hitchhike a boat ride out to the sailboat
3. Pirate a dinghy.

I headed to the bar to see what I could summon up. It was pretty quiet, as I drank my first Caribbean beer of the season.

I decided on plan 3….. PIRATE A DINGHY! I cruised over to my friends yacht, which was parked on the dock. The boat’s dinghy was hoisted up out of the water. I quietly lowered it into the water, started the engine and was off.
When I arrived on yacht Xanadu, I unloaded my bags off the pirated dinghy. I dropped my dinghy in the water, and towed the pirated dinghy back to its home. In the middle of the night, not a soul knew.
I laid down in my bed, with a smile of my face. I made it back to my favorite spot in the world and I couldn’t even imagine what tomorrow would bring!


Costa Rica!



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Costa Rica is beautiful to say the least. The vegetation is so lush and the tropical flower picking is so abundant. But, Defiantly my first culture shock in a long time. My instinct is to pick up a piece of trash when I see one, but I am overwhelmed here. I catch myself naturally doing it, and I look up, almost embarrassed as locals stare at me. I shouldn’t be embarrassed, I’m trying to better their home and our world.
There is not hot water anywhere I have been, which I’m don’t mind because I am always warm here, but it is sure going to make me more appreciative of a hot shower!

I start my day with a cool cup of coconut water. My friend’s uncle climbs the trees and fills up a whole jug of fresh coconut water once a week for me. What a tropical treat!
I walk about a half mile through the hood to jump in a pirate taxi, which takes me over the hill to the beach, Manuel Antonio. 65 cents! Not bad! I spend the mornings and early afternoons on the beach until the rain comes around 3. Swimming, surfing, and feeding the monkeys bananas! They are soooo cute… My mother’s favorite animal!

On the way home, I cruise by the market for a filet of Mahi Mahi, which I like to enjoy with a side of mango, pineapple, and avocado.
After evening flower picking, I head home with a smile on my face and a dark tan.


Italian Gondola Editorial



Photographer: Filion Photography

Hair/make-up artist: Lazuli Salon, Paul Pereira

Model: Carrie Cameron Hall

Jewelry: Elle G Boutique

Gondola: La Gondola

Accommodations: Wickford Properties

Dark Beauty Magazine

We are focusing on local Rhode Island Collaboration.


First shoot ever



As I was preparing for the next shoot coming up, I was delighted to find this photo. On my mother’s dresser, with so many other wonderful photographs, it was tucked in the most delicate  frame. This was the first Photo shoot I ever did in 1st grade.

The next black and white shoot is so magical…. I can’t wait to share.

Island hopping in the Mediterranean

Yacht Week was wild, to say the least! Move over Spring Break! Yacht Week is so much classier and fun to the max!
I flew over to Europe for the month of August to sail the Mediterranean. My first stop was visiting friends on the Balearics Islands of Spain. Mallorca is one of the most beautiful islands I have been to in Europe. I enjoyed a relaxing environment…fresh strawberry mojitos on the beach, late evening dinners, and plenty of tapas !
I have always dreamed of going to Ibiza! I flew one island over from Palma Mallorca to check out the world famed summer destination for 24 hours!
Next stop? Croatia ! My friends and I charted a sail boat! Every day we sailed to a new island, with a heavy party agenda! We had the coolest raft up party on afternoon with all the other yachts. IT WAS WILD! After sunset, we untied one end of the raft up so we where a long chain. All night we cruised on all the other yachts for an all night party. One of my favorite nights was when we went to an outdoor club in an old war fort. The vip table was so rad!  Located on the island of Vis, Fort George is like no other club I have ever been to.

After we go off the boat, the whole crew and I headed to Dubrovnik, the OLDEST WALLED CITY IN THE WORLD! We are talking the year 1205 here! We rented the COOLEST apartment in the center of the walled city. There are no cars inside the walls, just walking around. We enjoyed shopping in the afternoons, quaint coffee shops,  dinners under the stars, and of coarse clubbing until the sun rose!

We will for sure be back next summer for Yacht Week in GREECE!!


Folk Festival Sailing


Degi Hari  Degi Hari

On Friday night, I headed over to one of my favorite islands, Jamestown! I had the pleasure of sailing on Brenden’s restored wooden boat over to the Folk Festial.

We arrived in front of Ft. Adams, Newport  just in time to listen to Band of Horses live!

Tinder Tips


My Grandmother loves to cut out newspaper articles, which she thinks might be of interest, and mail them to me.

The most recent? Online dating… TINDER

If you don’t know what Tinder is and my 86-year-old, non-internet using Grandmother does, than check yourself!

Here’s some tips for DUDES to help you build more matches…..

1. Don’t post selfies of your mid section no matter how nice your body is…. weird

2. No photos of you with kids..instant turn off

3. Why do you have to post a photo of you with a girl? Aren’t you looking for a new girl? Don’t need to prove a point that you are capable of hanging out with the opposite sex.  Have you heard of the crop tool?

4. At least one face shot…without sunglasses!

5. Skip the photos of you holding guns…. a little romance?

6. if you must post a photo of you and your beloved dog, make sure it is not your profile picture, towards the end instead. Isn’t the whole point of tinder is so you get a girl to sleep with instead of cuddling your dog?

Star in an underwater movie, Win the Film Festival!


While I was in the Caribbean, I shot an underwater documentary about saving the Sea Turtles

Tonight, the movie won 1st place at the


Congratulations to an amazing cast, filmed by Karl Callwood, staring Meagan Pebbles Bryan and myself, on winning 

1st Place Public Service Announcement,

and being granted a Black Coral Award

The shoot was a blast and being underwater with the turtles was so cool!


Swimming in the Caribbean with the Turtles!

Swimming in the Caribbean with the Turtles!

Mahi Mahi fishing!


Mahi Mahi fishing!

I caught my first Mahi Mahi! And ohhhh it was good!
I also caught a sail fish the size of me. It ran me around the boat 3 times… Dad threw it back cause he only likes smoked sail fish at Christmas time!
We flew some Kites for some serious fishing. We attach the bait to the end of the Kites. They fly far from the boat to attract the big fish! I taught my Dad how to use Ebay, and now my Mother is a little upset because “he buys more kites than she buys shoes! How many kites does he need?”

haha classic!


Sail to Virgin Gorda for Easter Carnival



After sailing through the night, we arrived at Virgin Gorda just in time for the Carnival Festivities! They really know how to party…… until the sun comes up! Virgin Gorda (Fat Virgin) is also home of the legendary Baths…. the most amazing natural pools and caves.




Caddy and Pedro came over for a drink. They rode over from Tortola on the dingy! So rad!

Next island…. St. Thomas! I will be filming for a creative underwater documentary about the queen angel fish.

Pirate to the Rum rum distillery on Tortola to buy….


Sarah’s wedding present!


We sailed into Cane Garden Bay, Dropped anchor, and i swam to shore… one armed. I was holding my $ and camera above my head in a waterproof bag. Arrrr the ways of a pirate…. just to buy Rum .

I walked up on the beach, dried off in the sun a little…. than met up with Pedro to walk across the street to the Callwood Rum distillery!


Panty Dropper rum made sugar cane, growing in the back of the distillery.



Sail to St. Barth and win the Regatta!


We left my mother on St. Marten…. I was bummed to say goodbye! Cinbad is so rad…


So we sailed to St. Barth after we dropped her off…. about 3 hours. I had the best week! Every day was more fun than the last.

I raced on Affinity with Captain Jack and we won Les Voiles de St. Barth regatta!

Degi Hari

After the huge party on the docks we set sail at midnight….head 12 hours down wind to my favorite island of them all….


Pirate under the moon to St. Marten


It was a glorious night as we sailed under the stars. My mother, father, their best friend, Donny, and I set sail at high noon Degi Harifrom Tortola, headed straight towards St Marten. The waves were a little rough at times but I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent.  Cindbad was very prepared for the roughness, and had cooked pasta and put it in individual servings, and was ready to go. She made great Italian sandwiches, and wrapped them up, placing them in the cooler with everyone’s name on it.

Just before sunset when we couldn’t see a dot of land, Donny noticed the blows of some whales. A family was directly in front of Xanadu, jumping in the air, and blowing water straight up.CarriePalms

We had a half way party and cheers with a round of beers, just after sunset.

Cinbad went in her room and heard more noise than usual. The small window had come unglued and waves were crashing through, onto her bed.  She yelled for Bryson, and he came in with a roll of tape. We dried the area as well as we could and taped it up, until we arrived in St. Marten to do a proper repair.

We pulled into the Simpson’s Bay harbor on St. Marten just before sunrise. What a mission, pirating through the night!



MEXICO Cruisin’


mexioCruisingsarahandRosie I experienced my first cruise…. and it was pretty fun!! My favorite part was definitely the dessert table. Chocolate fondu!


Lots of gambling went down. (and 4 am pizza parties with the Ladies)

Congratulations Sarah… “YOU DID IT!”


Skip the bikini fashion show for Powder!


Degi Hari

A woke up to the most beautiful, sugar coat, morning!


Degi HariDegi Hari

I rode fresh powder with Kate instead of walking in the Sacramento bikini fashion show!

That’s o.k! I will have plenty of time to wear a Bikini next week…. SAN DIEGO, MEXICO, CARIBBEAN!

Degi Hari

Degi Hari

Pirating round 2 coming up….


CocoNutsI will set sail on April 10, 2014 from the British Virgin Islands, headed southeast 108 miles to St. Maarten After dropping my mother off on the Dutch side, we will sail on to St. Barths. Dad and I are racing in the regatta, Les Voiles de St Barth’s 14th to the 19th.

I will be granted full dinghy privileges.


Birthday Coconuts


I think every Birthday gets better and better!! After sailing across from Sandy Cay, we arrived at Cane Garden Bay. I met up with my friend Pedro on the beach for the best drink ever. He climbed the coconut tree,coconut and rum and sliced a few down with his machete. Padro hacked the top off, drank down a little of the coconut water, than filled it to the top with guava rum. So good!


After sunset, we drove the trusty SideKick over to the Clubhouse at Frenchmans for an Yellow fin tunaamazing island dinner. I was blown away with the creative tropical dishes, not to mention the view! I enjoyed a delicious yellow fin tuna, with pumpkin, and so many sides, I didn’t know where to begin.

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My mother and father gave me the best birthday present ever….Treasure presents!

Pirate’s Bight


There is nothing better than waking up in a bikini and jumping straight into the turquoise sea. After a refreshing swim and piece of pineapple, we raised anchor and headed straight for the Pirate’s Bite.

We dropped anchor in the Bight and swam into the Beach Bar. I made pizza dough from scratch, and than lit the BBQ. I love BBQ on the back of the sailboat!

Willy T’s might just be my favorite bar in the world.

Killington Mountain School renunion… CARIBBEAN STYLE!

Killington Mountain School renunion… CARIBBEAN STYLE!

I couldn’t think of a better way to reunite. My two best friends from high school came down to the Caribbean for our own High School Reunion. We attended one of the coolest schools in the world, Killington Mountain School in Killington,Vermont. Molly and Katelyn raced on the ski team, while I was on the snowboard team… but that didn’t keep us apart! What is up with the skiier/snowboarder rivalry? None of that here!

Degi Hari

We provisioned Yacht Xanadu and set sail straight for Jost Van Dyke. Soggy Dollar Beach Bar was the New Year’s Eve DAY spot! We met up with my friend from Cane Garden Bay, Brady for some Pain Killers and partying. Around 5 o’clock we sailed over to Great Harbor and anchored in front of legendary Foxy’s to enjoy dinner and a some wild New Year’s Eve Celebrations.

New Years Day morning we took off to Little Jost Van Dyke to one of my favorite places…. the BUBBLES! After anchoring the boat, we dingy into the island. My mother and father first came here over 10 years ago, where the little local dog, Bubbles, lead the secret way to the coolest natural bubbly pool. Huge waves break over this unique pile of rocks, exploding into a private, natural pool, which creates a whirlpool. Of coarse we brought a bottle of bubbles to pop at the BUBBLES!
The day concluded with a refreshing Bushwacker and Painkiller at Foxy’s Taboo.Degi Hari








Sail away with the pirates….


It’s that time…The Pirates and I are at it again.

The fun will begin on Tortola! Mom, Dad, and I will sail the British Virgin Islands

IMG_1988 Than head straight to South America. We sail the outskirts of Venezuela, than dip straight to Trinidad and Tobago for some serious Carnival Celebration. After that, we will set sail North, to Grenada, in search of the world’s purest nutmeg! Hitting up any islands the wind takes me to  in between Venezuela and Puerto Rico is the plan… I AM BEYOND EXCITED!


St Vincent, Barbados, St. Lucia, Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Montserrat, st Kitts Nevis, Antigua, Barbuda, St. martin, Anguilla… I can’t wait to explore some of the most exotic islands in the world with the coolest people i know… MOM AND DAD! I couldn’t think of anyone else i would want to be with… the pirates have been down there for over 10 years!

Tahoe MoonShine Ink Article


The Tahoe Moonshine Ink approached me this past month about an article on LetsGetBagged. I could not have been less than ecstatic! I am still blown away by how much the outerwear is really a hit!

I received an email from 3rd generation Homewood local. He told me that his Grandfather built the chairlift, featured on the Homewood Jacket. He said he would honored to own a jacket. Moments like these reassure my purpose. A memory is sparked. A feeling is in the air. A tingle on the back of the neck.

I will really miss Tahoe, my friends, and my work…. but adventures await me in the tropics! I won’t stop photographing, laying out new jackets, creating, and dreaming…… IMG_1766

Outerwear looking good!


Outerwear looking good!

Before I send my gortex fabric off to New York to get printed, I run a test print on paper. I construct the paper jacket with a stapler. This way, I know my digital pattern sublimation will line up. The nice people over at Office Boss in Truckee print this for me on their blue print printer! Stoked to be able to print right next door to the seamstress, Mt. Honey Stitchery.

Camel Crash

Camel Crash

Camel Races getting wild in Virgina City on Funday Sunday!

We cruised out to the dessert to watch some wild races… Ostridge, Zebras, and Camels were getting after it on the race track. Next year i shall race the Camel…. sign me up