Fly all over the world

Degi Hari

Degi Hari


Everyone always asks me how I am constantly flying around the world to the next adventure. My secret? Credit Cards!

You can only do this one if you are responsible enough to manage and pay about 3-5 credit cards a month.

A good credit score always helps this trick.

So when your on the plane, and the airline attendant comes on the loud speaker and asks if you would like to apply for a credit card…. the answer is YES!!!

Apply, get approved, and use your credit card to get your bonus miles

The best airline credit cards:

It all depends on what they are offering, every airline credit card is offering different bonus miles. (usually after the first 2 months you get your miles awards to use)

I like the Southwest credit card right now and the United one is pretty sweet, especially because you get 2 free checked bags with both.

US Airways is offering a lot of bonus miles, 50,000 and 1 free checked bag, but you have to pay an expansive annual fee ($89)

Spirit credit card is awesome for two reasons: you can open as  many credit cards as you want (I have 3 spirit credit cards) and you get a lot of bonus miles EACH time! To put it in perspective, I have like 62,000 spirit award miles and the tickets I always aim to purchase are 2,500 miles.

The downfall to spirit: spirit charges a lot of $ for bags.

$40 checked bag $45 large carry on bag (online, in advanced) so much more at the gate!

They don’t give you any drinks or complimentary water on board.



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