Heavy Pirating in St. Barths!


PirateLifeAirplaneShoeWhat a week of pirating!!! It all started on Beef Island, where I jumped on a plane to St. Marten! Jenna picked me up on her scooter when I reached the island. We cruised around, drinking rum and laughing the night away. In the morning, I flew over to St. Barths… one of the coolest landings in the world. The plane soars between 2 mountains, and lands on the tiniest strip.

I had the most lavish lunch at La Plage with the Spooky Crew! After lunch, we danced down to Nikki Beach for PARTY! We swam out to the Gem for cocktail hour.

The way back to Tortola was so amazing. Arrive by plane, leave by boat!! Ripped from St. Barths to Tortola on the power boat…. Crossing from the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, one snack pack, a cooler of cold beer, fishing poles, and a surfboard…. doesn’t get much better!





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