I landed on the island of St. Thomas in the heaviest rain I  had ever seen in my life!
I couldn’t wait for the adventures ahead of me. I took a ferry from the US Virgin Islands over to the British Virgin Islands. A taxi was waiting for me to drive me to the West End of Tortola. There was one part of my trip I hadn’t figured out yet; how I was going to get on board yacht Xanadu, which was patiently waiting in the Sea, tied up to the mooring.
There were 3 options;
1. Swim to the sailboat, put the dinghy in the water, and come back to land for my luggage.
2. Hitchhike a boat ride out to the sailboat
3. Pirate a dinghy.

I headed to the bar to see what I could summon up. It was pretty quiet, as I drank my first Caribbean beer of the season.

I decided on plan 3….. PIRATE A DINGHY! I cruised over to my friends yacht, which was parked on the dock. The boat’s dinghy was hoisted up out of the water. I quietly lowered it into the water, started the engine and was off.
When I arrived on yacht Xanadu, I unloaded my bags off the pirated dinghy. I dropped my dinghy in the water, and towed the pirated dinghy back to its home. In the middle of the night, not a soul knew.
I laid down in my bed, with a smile of my face. I made it back to my favorite spot in the world and I couldn’t even imagine what tomorrow would bring!



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