Costa Rica!



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Costa Rica is beautiful to say the least. The vegetation is so lush and the tropical flower picking is so abundant. But, Defiantly my first culture shock in a long time. My instinct is to pick up a piece of trash when I see one, but I am overwhelmed here. I catch myself naturally doing it, and I look up, almost embarrassed as locals stare at me. I shouldn’t be embarrassed, I’m trying to better their home and our world.
There is not hot water anywhere I have been, which I’m don’t mind because I am always warm here, but it is sure going to make me more appreciative of a hot shower!

I start my day with a cool cup of coconut water. My friend’s uncle climbs the trees and fills up a whole jug of fresh coconut water once a week for me. What a tropical treat!
I walk about a half mile through the hood to jump in a pirate taxi, which takes me over the hill to the beach, Manuel Antonio. 65 cents! Not bad! I spend the mornings and early afternoons on the beach until the rain comes around 3. Swimming, surfing, and feeding the monkeys bananas! They are soooo cute… My mother’s favorite animal!

On the way home, I cruise by the market for a filet of Mahi Mahi, which I like to enjoy with a side of mango, pineapple, and avocado.
After evening flower picking, I head home with a smile on my face and a dark tan.



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