Pirate under the moon to St. Marten


It was a glorious night as we sailed under the stars. My mother, father, their best friend, Donny, and I set sail at high noon Degi Harifrom Tortola, headed straight towards St Marten. The waves were a little rough at times but I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent.  Cindbad was very prepared for the roughness, and had cooked pasta and put it in individual servings, and was ready to go. She made great Italian sandwiches, and wrapped them up, placing them in the cooler with everyone’s name on it.

Just before sunset when we couldn’t see a dot of land, Donny noticed the blows of some whales. A family was directly in front of Xanadu, jumping in the air, and blowing water straight up.CarriePalms

We had a half way party and cheers with a round of beers, just after sunset.

Cinbad went in her room and heard more noise than usual. The small window had come unglued and waves were crashing through, onto her bed.  She yelled for Bryson, and he came in with a roll of tape. We dried the area as well as we could and taped it up, until we arrived in St. Marten to do a proper repair.

We pulled into the Simpson’s Bay harbor on St. Marten just before sunrise. What a mission, pirating through the night!




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