Killington Mountain School renunion… CARIBBEAN STYLE!

Killington Mountain School renunion… CARIBBEAN STYLE!

I couldn’t think of a better way to reunite. My two best friends from high school came down to the Caribbean for our own High School Reunion. We attended one of the coolest schools in the world, Killington Mountain School in Killington,Vermont. Molly and Katelyn raced on the ski team, while I was on the snowboard team… but that didn’t keep us apart! What is up with the skiier/snowboarder rivalry? None of that here!

Degi Hari

We provisioned Yacht Xanadu and set sail straight for Jost Van Dyke. Soggy Dollar Beach Bar was the New Year’s Eve DAY spot! We met up with my friend from Cane Garden Bay, Brady for some Pain Killers and partying. Around 5 o’clock we sailed over to Great Harbor and anchored in front of legendary Foxy’s to enjoy dinner and a some wild New Year’s Eve Celebrations.

New Years Day morning we took off to Little Jost Van Dyke to one of my favorite places…. the BUBBLES! After anchoring the boat, we dingy into the island. My mother and father first came here over 10 years ago, where the little local dog, Bubbles, lead the secret way to the coolest natural bubbly pool. Huge waves break over this unique pile of rocks, exploding into a private, natural pool, which creates a whirlpool. Of coarse we brought a bottle of bubbles to pop at the BUBBLES!
The day concluded with a refreshing Bushwacker and Painkiller at Foxy’s Taboo.Degi Hari









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