WOW! Is all I have to say…

Kiana, Macy, Anna, and Carrie on the Podium

That was the raddest Bonzai that I have ever raced in! The course was wild, the chicks were chill, and I straight lined the mogul field at the bottom of the race! I was in 1st place, and I figured, “now or never.” I was ripping so fast, I hit a mogul, caught an edge and I exploded really close to the finish line! I’m super sore today, but it was worth it haha… The skiers always bomb the mogul field, and I have always wanted to do it!
Macy and Kiana were right behind me, props for not running me over! thanks! That was a super fun, close race! That was the coolest group of girls that I have ever raced with in my life….. Congratulations to everyone.

Kiana and Carrie cheers! Drinking prize beer after the Banzai!

Kiana and Carrie cheers! Drinking prize beer after the Banzai!  Congratulations Kiana! 1st place!

looking over the backside of the course

Today was the wildest race of my life! Definitely the best banzai ever!

Thank you Devin for all your help, thanks Chilly for driving!

Summer and Carrie

Chilly, Devin, and I rode the Walt Disney constructed gondola from 1940! Sugarbowl is such a magical resort. The feeling of sitting in a petite  gondola that Frank Sinatra, Marlin Monroe, and Walt Disney were possibly in is amazing! The gondola operator used a key to lock the small door after we loaded up.

Sugar bowl Gondola

Chile and Daron highfive

Chilly and Daron high fives on the podium…

Moguls anyone?Moguls anyone?


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