Pirating around the Caribbean

Pirating around the Caribbean

Well Well…. it’s been a while. I have been deep in the Caribbean with the pirates… MOM & DAD! Everyday we sail to a new island…. having the time of my life! Boxing day was the first celebration! My dad took me to the Horse Race Tracks on Tortola!! It was so interesting… kinda like a local festival! My first polo match in Hawaii and now my first Horse Race in Tortola…. what a year of interesting sports 2012 was.

The last Friday night of 2012, I celebrated with my boys at the full moon party at Bomba Shack. I still have my original mug from years ago… the tea tender was so stoked and served me free refills all night. Pedro blew me the cutest glass, blue star fish. He gave it to me under the full moon!

New Years Eve Day was rad!! I hung out with my local friends at Soggy Dollar…. one of my favorite bars! We anchor the sail boat in front of the beach, than swim into the beach bar. There is a mini clothes line behind the bar, where the bartender hangs all the we dollar bills up to dry…. Wet money is totally cool here!

I met up with my favorite Puerto Rican crew on Jost Van Dyke for some cocktails and swimming until the sun rose!  Sebastian and I had the raddest dingy ride across Great Bay… laughing the whole way. haha lets just say it took us a while!

On New Years Day, my parents sailed me to their friend’s secret beach spot. We hit up the bubbles from some swimming and bottle poppin’… than I ran into my friend Damien at Little Jost Van Dyke. It’s so cool to not have a phone and just run into your friends from other countries. There is no better feeling!  Damien moved to the Caribbean when he was 12 from Belgium. He grew up here… sailing, fishing, and windsurfing. He knows all the sweet surf spots…. we’re headed to cooper island later this week!!

For now…. Anegada here I come


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