Wedding day

Wedding day

I got married… but not literally. It’s crazy how much people are into the internet! I posted a picture of me in a wedding dress, and changed my status to married. The reaction from my friends and family who know me was astronomical. It was just a photo shoot…. but the best part of the day was pumping gas into my car wearing a wedding dress…. some guy actually stopped and asked me if I would like him to do it for me… haha he said “no bride should pump her own gas on her wedding day!” Little did he know it was just another day of work…. but I appreciated his kindness!


I silk screened a piece of waterproof, windproof, and breathable material. i screen printed an inconsistent pattern all over the cloth. I varied sizes and colors of the same image. The image is a photograph I took of a mushroom, growing wild at the base of Mt Baker.  I printed 3 different sizes, and 3 different colors. pink, black, and grey. The fabric I chose is a remnant from mill end fabric.  I feel that hand printing fabric is important, even though it is time-consuming. Hand printing is a unique, one of a kind, form of dying art in the digital world we live in.

I designed 3 jacket liner patterns. They are uploaded and visible at, available to purchase.

DYI: I made 2 promotional pieces for my company, LetsGetBagged. I used and audio recorder and garage band to make the audio slide show:

I edited a lifestyle commercial for the company. I used footage I have been filming since the beginning of this year in January.


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