Bear attack!


It was the stroke of mid night on friday night. I had been up late night baking gharadelli chocolate chip cookies for my brother’s 30th birthday present. 4 dozen cookies were cooling on the new stackable wire cooling racks. I had passed out on the couch, waiting for the chocolate chips to cool off so i could wrap them. I woke up in a daze and began wrapping each cookie.

The racket outside scared me to death. i knew right away what it was… the bears wanting to come inside. they had been there the week prior, and ripped the window right out.

calmly, the words slid out of my mouth…. “Ahhh Matt, I think somethings here”

Not just one…. but 3! they were here and wanting to come in to eat! i was pretty freaked out… they were banging and pushing on the glass windows…..

I don’t have a gun… so what is one to do when wild beasts are surrounding the house and trying to get in?

Call the cops!



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