Trashion Show

Trashion Show

Trashion show went down last night…

I’ve been getting on it! I constructed an origami dress…. folded from the likes of Jeremy Jones and Jamie Anderson. I ripped out images of snowboarders from the magazines I’ve been hording for years. I strategically cut down each image into a 6 x 6 square, avoiding all text. I folded each square into an origami coaster. I than hammered 4 grommets into each corner.

I connected each square piece into a geometric pattern with fishing line. The only material I purchased was 300 grommets for about  $8.78.

Trust me, I was worried, it wasn’t all going to come together… but oh, it did.

Super stoked!

check it out at the sierra Nevada Trashin’ show… and it was DUMPING snow outside! sweet


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