I could not have asked for more! Jeremy Jones kicked off the premier season, teaming up with Teton Gravity Research to make a movie that really takes it back to what snowboarding is all about. Watching Jermery shred lots of serious powder, made me so excited for winter!

Bib Perarek was killing it… as the first women to ever film for a Jermery Jones film project, respectively. She not just had a few shots in the movie…. she seriously killed it! Jeremy and friends travel all around the world on 2 week extreme missions… props for going out so deep in the mountains for that long.
Lots of good riding from,
  • Terje Haakonsen
  • Ryland Bell
  • Lucas Debari
  • Forrest Shearer                                                                                               Caitlin and I checking out FURTHER
  • Josh Dirksen
  • Mitch Toelderer
  • Bibi Pekarek
Further was the best premier I have ever been to at Squaw. Since the  movie was screened outside, I have never seen so many people at a snowboard movie premier.  I really felt the snowboard energy and support at Squaw Friday night…and it was so cool to feel it again!


Squaw Valley

Friday, September 7, 2012


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