amazing snowboard photographers


ed ross wet plate photography

I first met Tim my sophomore year of college. I had two separate beginning dark room photography instructors; The lab lady on Tuesday evenings and the lecture man on Thursday evenings. I cruised into class and Tim was sitting behind the teacher’s desk… Now that i look back 8 years ago….I’m so lucky! I had one of the best photographers as first photography instructor at Lake Tahoe Community College. Tim has been shooting for years, and developed into an phenomenal photographer….

I met Ian when I first moved to South Lake Tahoe. I’ve always appreciated his style…than he BLEW MY MIND WITH HIS WET PLATE PROJECT. I am so amazed of all the locations he shot in…. and wet plate is a bit more complicated than shooting with an i phone!

i didn’t want to rip off my photographer friends with out their permission, but I wanted to share an image. I chose this wet plate of myself. I am on my great grandfathers Schwinn bike, that i brought all the way across America on the back of my Subaru, attached with the ghetto Wal-mart cloth strap bike rack… i kept looking in my rear view mirror the whole time, expecting the bike not to be dangling off the back of my car. but amazingly, it made it to California, and it made it in a wet plate photo…. Taken less than a year ago, this could be easily mistake from over a century ago…. The wet plate is a dying practice, but I hope to shoot with more talented wet plate photographers this fall!


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