So far, summer has been amazing to say the least. I have not had a fun filled genuine New England summer in a few years… an I’m loving every second of it. I have been getting more than my fair share of swimming all over the Ocean state;  Ft. Wetherill on the island of Jamestown, Matunick, 40 steps in newport…I love the history of the 40 steps… Behind the Astors’ Beaux Arts mansion, one of the summer ‘cottages’ of Newport, built into the steep cliff above the cooling Atlantic were 40 wooden steps where their servants met after hours to dance and sing. How dark it had to be, lighted how? by candle or oil lanterns lined up along the 40 steps? or by the distant glow of mansion or the moon? Were the only tall white men who were-​​allowed-​​to-​​serve still in livery on these steps, flirting with the maids? and did the cook and governess mingle? did the butler do it?

Wake boarding with my brother and boozin’ on the boat every day! I attended the 2nd annual Dorris Duke’s Surf Fest at the Rough Point. Doris was the world’s first competitive female surfer.  She is also known as the“the world’s richest girl” and protégé of Duke Kahanamoku. Check out Karla, Heidi, and I having a blast at the mansion! There were hundreds of boards spread out on the lovely lawn…thank you Sid Abruzzi for an amazing evening!

4th of july was so much fun! everyone came over to Wickford for an awesome party! The afternoon began with a casual game of croquet! (stay tuned for the 1st annual tournament August 5). Since fireworks are now legal again in Rhode Island, my cousin went crazy and bought soooo many! we lit them off on the end of the dock late night…. ! hahaa crazy

I had the pleasure of an afternoon sail with Karla. The Adironadck III picked us up in downtown Newport for an breezy harbor cruise… Newport Storms summer ale completed the day… I love locally breweries!

Lobsters have been the hit of the summer. I love a good lobster salad roll more than any seafood. I really want to make Lobster Gnocchi. My Dad is hilarious… he keeps a trap at the end of his dock. Once a week, a local fisherman, comes by and fills up my dad’s trap with live sea creatures… Lobsters, quahogs, mussels, baby clams… The fisherman and my dad are on a trade system. They barter and trade different things, such as slate, wood, and what ever the fisherman is in need of. i love it… no money exchanged, ever. i wish there was more trading, and less money exchange all around. I love trading for feathers, glass, and mushrooms…. anyone wanna trade?


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