wild wild west


Virgina City… not at it’s wildest, but for sure one of the coolest towns i have ever been to. The second we drove up over the hills from Carson City, there is a eerieness in the air…

Mark Twain used to stumble the streets of Nevada City… throwing back cocktails at the BLOOD BUCKET. He was jumped by his friends one night, headed home from the bar… but it was only a joke. Mark didn’t take the joke so lightly and moved away….

We had a private tour of the Silver Terrace cemetery… my teachers, Mr. Henrey and Miss Dunn excitedly lined up at the gates….

The Class listens hard to the history of the graveyard and the stories of the citizens of Virgin City’s fate.


Virgina City Hooligans

MacKay Mansion view…

The MacKay Mansion at its finest…..

Piper Opera House


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