WOW! Thanks to all you out there who are reading! I had no idea that anyone was out there… I got the best compliment today when bitch who ran over my arm FREAKED the FUCK out over MY blog!!! HAAA haa YESSSSSSSS

DOUBLE SUCCESS! this one goes out to my brother who unintentionally made me fall in love with snowboarding…. thanks BRYCE! i might still be skiing if it wasn’t for you! (nothing against skiing!)

YOUR THE BEST GRAPHIC ARTIST I KNOW! ( )    KEEP helping me build letsgetbagged!

dang… missed the podium today picking up my back pack! but what a rad day! light powder… good friends…

Chilly, hannah, and I all took 2nd! congratulations everyone!


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  1. wow GOLDIE You impress the f*** out of me. You are sooooo fast 🙂 Must be the lip gloss 😉 CONGRATS!!! Way to represent the TEAM!

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