Shredding Squaw with Kyle, Chilly, and Coach


Im finally home in my valley of love! There is nothing better than sharing your favorite place with friends who have never experienced it. Chilly cruised up from Mammoth, Devin drove up from South Shore,  and Kyle came out from Tahoe Vista on Presidents day to check out the raddest mountain….

Chilly and Devin checking out some lines from the Funitel

We hit up ALice’s for a round of $1.50 tall boys of PBR to satisfy our thrust during clipping session. Even though Sunday and holiday Monday’s are usually prime day for clipping, I have to admit, it took a minute. I lurked around for a while, asked randoms how it was up there, than proceeded to ask them if they have a pass here. As soon as they confirmed they had a passed, I was out… ha haaaa… NEXT. With a little persistence, we were on out way up a private funitel ride….

Chilly and coach Devin checking out some lines…..

Hanging out on Siberia

LAKE VIEWS at the top of KT….

Lake views and powder from the Funitel…..


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