Roxy Snow Jam Session Valle Nevado


Today I entered the pinkie contest… ha haa as Pablo would say. The course was pretty sweet in terms of what I like to ride. A few simple boxes, a jump set to pick from and a crazy step up. For some reason I felt like charging the step up 2nd practice run.. It was rad~! The landing of the step up was pretty crazy, as the real purpose of the landing was for a jump. The park crew decided to build a step up on the left hand side of the jump, so when I hit the step up I was landing on the jumps landing. The angle was super crazy and the gap was kinda big. No one was hitting it, but I was like what ever and went for it. I slightly knucked, my first hit, but no bad. All day the announcer kept saying how hard the snow was… but being from the ice coast, I wasn’t worried about it! The day was super fun, with free coronas, almond m and m’s, pizza, and more camera crews than I could imagine. The following day, was king of the park contest at my home resort El Colorado, and there was not nearly as many vidoes and pictures being taken. It was cute how there was only girls at this contest, as all the guy shreds were  competiting in the big air and rail jam at El Colorado, as the 1st day of the 2 day contest.
I was interviewed after the podium about the event. My German roommate had to translate with the Spanish speaking
interviewer. Classic!

Check out the sweet video from the event!:

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