I arrived in Chile last week for some sweet powder riding! This is my first time south of the Carribbean, so I’m exploring a whole new part of the world. I flew into the city of Santiago, where my dude met me with fresh Enpanadas and Chillianan beer, Rothhammer, in hand! We kicked it in the city for a while, and hung out with his buddy, the beer maker himself.
We cruised up to the mountain, to the resort El Colorado on the most sketchiest road i have ever been on! 42 switchback, to be exact, 1 1/2 lanes, and the craziest drivers in the world! Cactus and cows dot the side of the mountain road, with an amazing view of Santiago!
When we finally arrived at the top, i had my first glimpse of my new home… amazing! the cozy home was set right on the resort, with ride in/ride out access. For the next 2 months, i would have the ease of waking up and jumping directly on the snow… no hassle of driving, parking, and all that! Best part, coming in for phenomenal lunches cooked by my personal chef…. homemade crepes, warm pasta, fresh cheese…. all the comfort food, and the avocados are cheap!!
home…. CHILE! El Colorado, Valle Nevado, La Parva

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